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Barr and Trump Have 'Nonexistent' Relationship as Former AG Squeals to J6 Committee

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As the January 6th committee continues to run down its arbitrary list of people who just happened to be anywhere near Donald Trump at any point leading up to the attempted insurrection at the Capitol, new details are coming to light regarding the former President’s personal relationships.

The committee, which is barely trying to hide its hopes of affecting the outcomes of the 2022 and 2024 election, has been spraying subpoenas all over Washington DC in recent weeks.  Their hope appears to be that something will stick, or someone will flip, allowing them to demonize Donald Trump before the coming midterms.  This will give Democrats the ammunition they need to remain competitive in that election.

This week, as former Attorney General Bill Barr continues to cooperate with the committee, a stunning revelation about his relationship with the former President has come to light.

If Donald Trump is hoping for any help during this time of intensifying investigation into the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol, he can no longer count on his former attorney general, New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman warned Monday.

Asked about any remaining loyalty William Barr may have to his former boss, Haberman told Anderson Cooper on CNN: “They haven’t had a relationship in quite some time. Their relationship is nonexistent.”

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One group the former attorney general does have a relationship with is the House select committee investigating the Capitol riot. Barr has been cooperating with the probe.

And that’s not all:

There were “things they agreed on. But there were a number of things they didn’t agree on over time. That began, frankly, long before Election Day,” Haberman added.

Barr, who blasted the former president’s inaction during the riot, has been “very, very clear on where he stands on Trump,” Haberman said. “That’s not something, as we know, that the former president takes very well to.”

ABC News’ Jonathan Karl, who interviewed Barr for his book “Betrayal,” called him a former “ultimate Trump loyalist.” That makes his “potential testimony” even “more powerful,” Karl warned.

He noted that Barr told him he looked carefully into every claim of 2020 presidential election fraud and determined they were “all B.S,” said Karl.

One can only imagine that this is why the committee is so interested in Barr, but refused to seat a number of Trump-loyal GOP lawmakers who wished to participate in the probe:  They are seeking only to reiterate their preconceived notions about the case.

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