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Barr Says J6 Grand Jury is Likely Taking Hard Look at Donald Trump

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The January 6th select committee has been working on a violent and vitriolic narrative over the course of the last several months, as they attempt to convince the nation of some vast conspiracy surrounding the events of that fateful day.

Americans watching the attempted “insurrection” unfold in real time saw a crowd that grew more bellicose as the day went on, furious over what they felt was a stolen election.  As the news cameras captured them actually entering the Capitol, the media had assessed the event as a “riot”, with the harsher assessments coming only later, once Democrats were able to get themselves in front of the cameras.

Now, as the rhetoric continues to ramp up, former Attorney General Bill Barr believes all of this melodrama has put former President Donald Trump in the crosshairs of a grand jury.

Former Attorney General Bill Barr called the newest federal grand jury subpoenas probing the Jan. 6, 202, Capitol riot “a significant event,” one that suggests that government prosecutors are probing high-ranking Trump administration officials and allies, and even former President Donald Trump.

“This suggests to me that they’re taking a hard look at the group at the top, including the president and the people immediately around him who were involved in this,” Barr told CBS News’ Catherine Herridge in an interview Friday.

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The grand jury has been meeting weekly; in late July, Marc Short, former Vice President Mike Pence’s chief of staff, testified, and according to The Washington Post, Greg Jacob, Pence’s chief counsel, was also interviewed by the grand jury.

And also:

Barr also surmises that it looks like prosecutors are “going to try to get a ruling on the issue of executive privilege,” given reports by ABC News and other news outlets that former White House counsel Pat Cipollone has been subpoenaed to appear before the grand jury. The former attorney general noted that Cipollone, as then-counsel to the Office of the President, “has the strongest claim to executive privilege.”

Executive privilege has been at the center of a number of dramatic responses to committee subpoenas, including those of Steve Bannon and Roger Stone.

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