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Basketball Player Calls Police During Pickup Game, The Reason Why Sets New Bar For Ridiculousness

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It’s pretty common to see fights breakout during pickup basketball games and depending on how rough things get between the players, you might even see police show up to the court to give folks a friendly reminder to cool their tempers.

However, what one player did in Sterling, Virginia is taking things to a ridiculous extreme. Apparently the young man called police after he was fouled, claiming he was fouled too hard.

Feel free to read that again and really let it sink in. This is the world we now live in, folks.

“Today for the first time in my life … I experienced someone call the police because they got fouled hard in basketball,” read a tweet accompanied by a photo of deputies talking with the two players, the station said.

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The man who shared the photo declined to give his name but told WTTG the player who called authorities ran into another player who was blocking him — i.e., setting a pick — and the blocked player fell to the court.

The witness said the player who fell down was upset and told the other players he was calling police, the station reported.

“I thought he was joking,” the witness told WTTG. “I thought he was being extra.”

But when the player who fell to the court made his way to the front desk, the station said the other pickup game participants realized he wasn’t joking.

WTTG obtained the call to the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office made by an L.A. Fitness employee at the front desk who told the dispatcher the player was “assaulted” on the basketball court.

Here’s the real kicker. Neither individual involved in the incident wanted to press charges or file a report of any kind. Oh and they ended up picking up the game right where they left off.

Now, the question is, why in the world couldn’t these two manage to get along while they were playing and resolve the matter themselves?

This is proof positive that self-government is something that is desperately needed in our culture today in order to ensure that dumb stuff like this do not waste valuable resources the community has need of.

Let’s hope these folks grow up a bit.

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Source: TheBlaze

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