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Beat Big-Tech Suppression: App Lets Readers Bypass Woke Corporate Bias, Get News on Their Own Terms

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This article was sponsored by The Western Journal

If there is one thing the last few years have taught us, it’s how vulnerable conservative or non-government-sanctioned views are to Big Tech censorship or suppression.

The Western Journal app allows users to bypass all that by going directly to the publisher.

In other words, Big Tech doesn’t get to filter your news with their preferred liberal spin.

Further, users can also choose to receive notifications from the app regarding top-breaking stories, so you never miss major news developments as they occur.

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Big Tech has been relentless in recent years in closing the public square, so to speak, to conservative viewpoints in favor of their liberal worldview.

When Facebook implemented its “trusted sources” algorithm change in early 2018, the result was liberal outlets saw their traffic go up and conservative outlets watched theirs go down — significantly.

The Western Journal documented the extent of the change in an original study, which was cited in a congressional hearing on Big Tech bias that spring.

Do you think Big-Tech censorship is a major problem?

The 12 most conservative sites lost over a quarter of their traffic from Facebook, while CNN’s shot up 43 percent.

In January 2018, prior to the algorithm change, The Western Journal ranked fourth among the most-engaged news sites on Facebook and Fox News was No. 1, according to Newswhip. CNN wasn’t even in the top 10.

By March 2018, following the change, CNN sat atop the list of publishers, with Fox the only remaining conservative site in the top 10.

CNN — a network dedicated to spreading hatred for then-President Donald Trump by promoting the Russia hoax, Michael Avenatti and endless other biased and baseless narratives.

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Of course, it’s not just Facebook. Twitter, Google and YouTube have also aggressively come against conservative voices, too, de-platforming or otherwise limiting their reach.

In a January 2021 piece for USA Today following the Capitol incursion, Rachel Bovard wrote, “Tens of thousands of right-leaning accounts across multiple platforms were … nuked,” along with Twitter alternative Parler being shut down by Amazon Web Services.

“In short, the Big Tech cartel threw off its cloak and bared its teeth, demonstrating to the world just how powerful it truly is. The crackdown that followed — on individuals, viewpoints, and businesses — was swift, severe, and possibly collusive,” she added.

Even Donald Trump was removed from all his social media platforms in the wake of the Jan. 6 protests.

This runs contrary to the First Amendment’s freedom of speech when Big Tech punishes so many conservatives for the actions of a few.

There was no such crackdown on liberal speech during the summer of 2020, when hundreds of violent protests occurred nationwide — even at the White House — resulting in over $1 billion in damages, along with many injuries and deaths.

This is a double standard.

The Western Journal app allows you to get around Big Tech’s bias.

Gaining access to and using the app is easy.

There is no sign-up required. You simply download the app on your phone or other devices. The Western Journal does not ask for the user’s name, address, phone number or any personal information.

Also, with one click, users are able to share stories with their friends through email, text or social media apps.

The Western Journal’s mission is to drive positive culture change through media.

Its core values are truth, courage, excellence, creativity and respect.

By downloading and using The Western Journal app, you are helping promote that mission and those values and beat Big Tech all in one fell swoop!

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This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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