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Beijing Sends Putin Stern Warning on Nuclear Threats

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As Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continues to fail on just about every measurable front, the rhetoric coming from the Kremlin has gotten stronger by the week…and more unhinged by the day.

The most recent threats have largely been nuclear in nature, with Putin threatening not only to use atomic weapons against anyone who’d dare to interfere in his invasion, but also perhaps against Ukraine as well.

This is something that even Putin’s good pals in China can’t stomach the idea of.

Xi Jinping has issued a direct warning to Putin not to use nukes in Ukraine in China’s bluntest rebuke yet to the Kremlin.

Xi also urged German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, who was visiting Beijing, to push for peace talks – saying the international community should ‘create conditions for the resumption of negotiations (and) oppose the use or threat of nuclear weapons.’

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Scholz, the first Western leader to visit Beijing since Xi was given his third term as leader, urged Xi to put pressure on Putin to end attacks which have killed civilians and destroyed cities.

It would be hard to misconstrue the stern statement.

 ‘President Xi and I agree: nuclear threats are irresponsible and incendiary,’ Scholz said after the meeting. ‘By using nuclear weapons, Russia would be crossing a line that the community of states has drawn together.’

China and Russia have largely been seen as growing closer to one another during the last several months, but such a terse scolding on the world’s stage could strain this newfound coziness.

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