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Bernie Sanders Chooses Michael Moore To Be Stand-In For Iowa During Trump Impeachment Trial



One of the big concerns many Democratic presidential candidates have had about the Senate impeachment trial is how it impedes their ability to stump on the campaign trail in critical states leading up to the primary, especially Iowa.

In order to take care of some of this concern, Sen. Bernie Sanders has chosen liberal filmmaker Michael Moore to be his stand-in for Iowa to campaign there on his behalf.

The Iowa caucuses are due to be held on February 3, which is rolling around rather quickly, thus it’s easy to understand why folks like Sanders and Sen. Elizabeth Warren are upset about the impeachment trial’s timing.

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Here’s more from The Washington Examiner:

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With the Iowa caucuses looming on Feb. 3, Sanders, 78, has no in-person events scheduled through Sunday. Instead, top supporters speaking for him include Moore and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the firebrand Democratic freshman House member from New York. Both will make stops at two colleges on Thursday and Sunday. The two have campaigned for Sanders in the past.

In 2016, Moore accurately predicted that Trump would beat former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the general election, citing anxiety from white, working-class voters. He has also said that Trump could win reelection should the Democrats not nominate a sufficiently progressive candidate.

The race for Iowa remains close, with a RealClearPolitics average of recent polls showing a number of the candidates within striking distance of each other. Recent surveys have Joe Biden leading at 21% support, Sanders at 17.3%, Elizabeth Warren at 16.7%, Pete Buttigieg at 16.3%, and Amy Klobuchar at 8.3%.

This whole mess could have been avoided had Democrats in the House not been terrified by the prospect of their party’s presidential candidate facing off against Trump in the 2020 election. As the panic set in, the left decided to gamble on flimsy impeachment charges in the hope of pulling a miracle and getting Trump removed from office before their candidate was chosen.

On top of that, many folks on the left have declared they will continue to pursue impeachment even if this attempt fails.

Seems liberals haven’t learned a thing since the 2016 presidential election.


Poll: Majority of Americans Think Corporations have Gotten Too Political

A new poll finds that a majority of Americans think that American corporations have gotten far too political and should get back to just selling stuff.



A new poll finds that a majority of Americans think that U.S. corporations have gotten far too political and should get back to just selling stuff. We have witnessed a growing number of corporations going woke since Georgia passed its new election integrity law. These corporations are pushing a hardcore, left-wing line of lies against the Georgia and have made all sorts of false claims about the new law. But a recent poll by the Daily Wire finds that a majority of Americans are already sick and tired of the left-wing posturing of these corporations. The Daily Wire poll found that 64 percent of those surveyed are less likely to support these big-mouthed corporations. The poll also found that most Americans did not support the decision by Major League Baseball to pull its All-Star Game from Atlanta. So, why are these corporations doing all this despite the fact that they are pissing off half of America? Well, there are two reasons. First is cowardice. Instead of standing for American free speech and respecting the rights of the states to run their own lives, these corporations are siding with the anti-American left and are engaging in economic terrorism against us. They are doing this not out of principle, though. They are doing it to prevent people from suing them. After all, leftists sue everybody at the drop of a hat. Conservatives almost never do. That means these corporations are guessing that they can escape legal problems by mollifying the left despite angering the right. The second reason is business. These big corporations imagine that if they follow the left, it will help lead to the destruction of their smaller competitors and they will be the last men standing. They also imagine that they can control government through their big…

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Cable News Blasted for Conjuring Controversy in Columbus Police Shooting

This is just dirty.



alexandria ocasio-cortez

The sad truth of the matter, when it comes to the mainstream media, is that they are more successful when we are more emotional. It’s a dirty trick of human biology:  The chemicals in our brain that allow us to feel joy, sorrow, humor, and fury are just similar enough to one another that we become addicted to them, one and all.  Feeling something stimulates our self-awareness, and we learn to crave it. So, when you tune into CNN and what they are saying angers you, they’re planting small hooks in your noggin, reeling you in to watch the commercials that pay all of their salaries. If you watch Fox, however, and you find yourself enthusiastically cheering after a host or guest has a mic drop moment, your brain again finds what it’s looking for, and here you are seeing your 14th Progressive commercial of the day. All of the big networks know this and actively participate in this salacious shamanism, and sometimes they cross the line. Liberal outlets HuffPost and AJ+ omitted key details or pushed false narratives in their videos about the fatal police shooting of a Black teenager in Columbus, Ohio on Tuesday. HuffPost failed to note the woman who was shot, Ma’Khia Bryant, pushed another female to the ground and lunged at another with a knife when police arrived at the scene. The misleading HuffPo video was accompanied by the following text, which appeared to paint the police as the villain. “Black girl killed by police,” the text read. “Police in Columbus, OH shot & killed a Black teen around the same time the verdict was read in the Derek Chauvin trial. Body-camera footage showed an officer firing several times at Ma’Khia Bryant before she collapsed to the ground. The video also showed a knife falling next to the…

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