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Bernie's Felon-Vote Gamble Has Biden Trouncing Him in The Polls

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Bernie Sanders, a democratic socialist from Vermont, is no stranger to off-the-wall ideas and policy initiatives, but he may have gone too far this time.

During a recent town hall even on CNN, Sanders floated a shocking stance he hold:  That incarcerated felons should have the right to vote.  Note the word “incarcerated” in there:  Bernie isn’t talking about the restoration of voting rights for rehabilitated Americans, he’s hoping to put polling stations in penitentiaries.

The idea was so stunning that even host Chris Cuomo was compelled to ask if convicted terrotists such as the Boston Marathon Bomber should have the right to vote from prison.  Sanders responded affirmatively, kick-starting a controversy that will haunt him for months to come.

Right on cue, centrist democrat Joe Biden officially jumped into the race, perhaps smelling some blood in the water as the democrats continue to chew on one another in the crowded pool.

This has worked wonders for Biden according to the polls.

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Former Vice President Joe Biden currently leads his closest rival by 14 points, according to a Morning Consult poll released Tuesday.

The national poll of registered voters shows that Biden currently enjoys 36 percent backing, while Sanders only has 22 percent support.

The tracking poll shows a six-point jump in Biden’s support since announcing his run for president, while Sanders dipped two points from the previous week after advocating for criminal felons to have the right to vote.

Biden is running a far more middle-of-the-road campaign than Bernie, directly targeting the working class voters of America while framing his campaign as the antithesis to that of Donald Trump’s presidency.

Now it will be up to voters on the left to make the call.

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