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Biden Admin Accuses Independent News Site of 'Russian Propaganda'

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The Democrats’ political playbook is getting stale, that’s for sure, but this latest dirge from the Biden administration may be its laziest yet.

Over the course of the last 6 years or so, the left has taken to accusing their political competition of being in bed with foreign ne’er-do-wells.  Specifically:  Russia.

We remember this vividly from the work of Hillary Clinton and her operatives during the 2016 campaign, in which they insisted that Donald Trump was somehow a double agent working for the Kremlin.  Thanks to the exhausting work of Robert Mueller, we understand that to be a near-total fabrication at best, and a wild, hyperbolic accusation at worst.

More than half a decade later, the left is up to it again as the Biden administration accuses an independent journalism outfit of being a front for Russian propaganda.

U.S. intelligence officials on Tuesday accused a conservative financial news website with a significant American readership of amplifying Kremlin propaganda and alleged five media outlets targeting Ukrainians have taken direction from Russian spies.

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The officials said Zero Hedge, which has 1.2 million Twitter followers, published articles created by Moscow-controlled media that were then shared by outlets and people unaware of their nexus to Russian intelligence. The officials did not say whether they thought Zero Hedge knew of any links to spy agencies and did not allege direct links between the website and Russia.

Zero Hedge fired back immediately.

Zero Hedge denied the claims and said it tries to “publish a wide spectrum of views that cover both sides of a given story.” In a response posted online Tuesday morning, the website said it has “has never worked, collaborated or cooperated with Russia, nor are there any links to spy agencies.”

The site further defended itself:

Zero Hedge has been sharply critical of Biden and posted stories about allegations of wrongdoing by his son Hunter. While perhaps best known for its coverage of markets and finance, the website also covers politics with a conservative bent.

In its response online, the website accused the AP of publishing a “bizarre hit piece” and said government officials were trying to distract from “our views of the current dismal US economic situation.”

“The bottom line is that such hit piece accusations that we somehow work with or for the Kremlin are nothing new: we have repeatedly faced similar allegations over the years, and we can absolutely confirm that all of them are ‘errors,’” the website said.

If true, the Biden administration’s targeting of the site for potentially political reasons would be an egregious affront to the 1st Amendment, and could be cause for concern for any news outlets that refuse to abide by the White House’s narrative.

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