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Biden Administration Concedes Inflation is a Huge Problem | Schaftlein Report

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Biden Administration Concedes Inflation is a Huge Problem | Schaftlein Report
Guest: Jeffrey Dunetz – LidBlog Author ( )
1) Biden admits food and gas prices are not going down anytime soon – Crude trade around $118
2) In a ridiculous move panned by even the Washington Post, Biden cancels $5.8B in Student Debt for 560K loans related to Corinthian College which collapsed in 2015
3) In a first look at May payrolls, ADP says the economy added just 128K jobs, lowest in 2 years
4) Gun violence continues as 4 killed in Tulsa Medical Center shooting
*Biden to deliver prime time address to the nation this evening
5) In Seattle, the Defund capital of America, police no longer respond to sexual assault threats due to budget cuts
*Crime is soaring
6) In the war, Russia pushes forward in Donbas as Ukraine looks to take back lost ground
7) EU decision to wean itself off Russian oil will be a slow process – They were buying $10B per month
*India is now the 2nd largest buyer of Russian oil
8) German leader claims Russian economy is collapsing
9) Avenatti gets 4 years in prison for stealing from client Stormy Daniels

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