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Biden Administration Sued by Lone Star State Over Airport Mask Mandate

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As the data continues to roll in, and as the nation steams ahead in following the science, it is becoming rather apparent that the coronavirus pandemic’s days are numbered.

This is no surprise, really.  These viral scourges come and go in a natural, predictable way.  That is their very nature and those affected can only control what they can control.  For example, the personal medical decisions that arise within the pandemic setting.

So, as we begin to finally say sayonara to COVID-19, many lawmakers and leaders are ready to roll back the extensive, precautionary mandates that have come down from on high.  This has led to some unsurprising friction with the federal government, however, as the Biden administration continues to cling to their concerns.

Texas isn’t too fond of this hesitation, and is now suing the Biden administration on account of it.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (R) on Wednesday filed a lawsuit against President Joe Biden’s administration over federal rules that mandate mask-wearing in American airports and on airplanes.

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“The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) mandate was unlawfully issued. It was not authorized by Congress, and the CDC did not put the mandate up for notice and comment, which is ordinarily required for regulations like this,” Paxton, Rep. Beth Van Duyne (R), and the Texas Public Policy Foundation, said in a statement. “Yet a person’s failure to comply with the Administration’s mask mandate carries criminal penalties.”

And this is far from the first time that Paxton has tussled with Team Biden.

In a tweet, Paxton noted that Wednesday’s legal action represents his 22nd lawsuit against the Biden administration.

“Just filed my 22nd suit against Biden, this time regarding anti-science, virtue-signaling masks on airlines & airports. Masks on planes are not only silly, but illegal too. Proud to join @TPPF, @robhenneke, @Bethvanduyne in restraining Dems’ lawless gov’t. End the mask mandates!” he wrote.

With the lawsuit coming during what is presumably the twilight of the COVID-19 crisis altogether, one has to wonder what sort of resources the Biden administration will be willing to tap into to fight Paxton in court.

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