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Biden Administration Sued Over Release of JFK Files

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It is perhaps one of the grandaddy of all American conspiracy theories, and one of the most intriguing, (yet macabre), political events of all time, but for all of the independent research that has surrounded it, the assassination of US President John F. Kennedy remains as mysterious as ever.

This is largely due to a tranche of classified information that the US government has refused to release regarding the event, even after a federal law mandated that the entire series of files be made public some years ago.

Now, a new lawsuit targeting the Biden administration looks to correct that.

A research organization that boasts the largest collection of online records related to John F. Kennedy’s assassination is suing President Joe Biden and the National Archives over files about the former president’s 1963 killing.

The Mary Ferrell Foundation filed a federal lawsuit in San Francisco on Wednesday accusing Biden and the National Archives and Records Administration, or NARA, of unlawfully withholding documents about Kennedy’s assassination in violation of a 1992 Act that mandated their full release by 2017.

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“It’s high time that the government got its act together and obeyed the spirit and the letter of the law,” the nonprofit’s vice president, Jefferson Morley, told NBC News. “This is about our history and our right to know it.”

The so-called JFK Records Act, signed by President George H.W. Bush in 1992, greenlit the files’ full, public release within 25 years in an effort to dismiss conspiracy theories and claims that the U.S. government had something to hide. Congress reasoned that by 2017, 54 years after Kennedy’s death, “only in the rarest of cases” would there be any legitimate need to protect the information in the files.

Something appears to be keeping the White House from giving the release a green light.

But the files’ long-anticipated release was partially stalled by President Donald Trump, who ordered a fraction of them to be withheld, citing national security concerns. Biden then pushed back their release again last year. His administration blamed the pandemic for snarling NARA’s ability to determine whether the material could harm national security if released.

The moratorium preventing the documents’ release will expire on December 15th, at which time President Joe Biden will make a determination about their fate, after having been counseled by the National Archives as to what sensitive information remains.

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