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Biden Approval Rating Higher in Mexico Than in USA

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The steady decline of Joe Biden’s approval rating has one of the only constants that the White House can really point to these days, and it certainly hasn’t been pretty.

The White House has yet to make any truly significant strides on the key issues facing our nation, and the electorate has had no problem relating this to Pennsylvania Avenue.

Now, in a sign of the true absurdity of the situation, Biden’s approval rating in Mexico is now higher than it is here in the country he’s leading.

President Joe Biden has boosted public support for his leadership and government to 52 percent, but Biden is getting that public support from Mexicans in Mexico, not from Americans in America, according to Gallup.

Gallup reported the good news for Biden on June 7, saying “U.S. leadership had been more popular in Mexico than it had been in several years, with 52% of Mexicans approving of U.S. leadership in 2021.”

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As for in the homeland…

Back in the United States, Biden’s support among Americans is only 41 percent, according to the average of polls tracked by

Biden also has 57 percent opposition where it matters — in the nation that will vote in the November midterm elections.

Of course, Biden’s lax response to the issue of border security is likely influencing the polling.

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