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Biden Approval Spirals Again, Hitting Record Low Mark

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President Joe Biden is having a bad time.  It’s irrefutable at this point, as the Commander in Chief flounders around the world’s stage, touting whatever his idea of American exceptionalism is, but with very little action to show for it.

The entire administration has appeared stagnant and reluctant to work.  Their policy wins-column is almost empty.  No one has any idea what border czar Kamala Harris is doing as migrants continue to die by the dozens attempting to illegally enter the United States.

It’s a recipe for disaster, if we’re being honest, and the American people do not approve of it.

President Joe Biden’s approval rating is down to the lowest of his presidency, at only 31 percent approval and 57 percent disapproval, according to the CIVIQS rolling job-approval average as of Saturday.

While 12 percent of all survey participants did not approve or disapprove of the president, the majority of respondents in 48 states disapprove of Biden’s job performance. The only two states in which he is above water are Hawaii and Vermont.

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The demographic breakdown was particularly troubling.

Biden is underwater with independent respondents — a voter bloc which has an increasingly strong influence on election results. Only 20 percent of independent respondents say they approve of Biden, while 67 percent disapprove, with 13 percent having no opinion.

Biden has insisted that he’ll be running again in 2024, despite growing, vocal opposition from within the Democratic Party itself.


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