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Biden Begins Sounding Alarm on Mysterious New 'Monkeypox' Outbreaks

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What more does this world want from us?  What more can the people on this planet endure as far as sustained calamity is concerned?

Just as we began to crawl out of the COVID-19 pandemic, America began teetering over the edge of an economic recession.  Then, right on the heels of those concerns, Vladimir Putin decides that he’s going to get World War III’s first few chess moves out of the way.  Now we’re on the precipice of a global food shortage, and, to top it all off, we need to start worrying about something called “Monkeypox”.

President Joe Biden said Sunday the new monkeypox outbreak should concern “everybody,” as it continues to baffle medical officials around the world.

“Everybody should be concerned about [it],” Biden said in South Korea, while speaking with a group of reporters before he boarded Air Force One for Japan, Reuters reported.

The president’s remarks come as numerous outbreaks of monkeypox were reported in Africa, followed by other reported cases in Europe and the U.S.

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“We’re working on it, hard to figure out what we do,” added Biden.

The total number of cases remains low, but the illness could spread quickly.

While there are at least 80 confirmed cases of the disease worldwide and another 50 suspected cases, the U.S. has only confirmed a pair of cases after a man in Massachusetts was diagnosed with the disease. Another man in New York City also tested positive for monkeypox.

Cases have been reported in Britain, Spain, Portugal, Italy, the United States, Sweden, and Canada, all by individuals who reportedly had no travel history with Africa. France, Germany, Belgium, and Australia also reported confirmed cases this week.

Health authorities believe that Monkeypox could be fatal in approximately 10% of the population, but those those with smallpox vaccines may be provided some extra defense against it.

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