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Biden Blasted Over $1 Billion 'Climate Reparations' Promise

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When it comes to prioritizing America and Americans, the Democratic Party tends to fall short in the eyes of many Americans.

Sure, it is true that our nation is one of the world’s most prosperous, and generosity has always been a part of our national identity, but there is a limit to what’s acceptable in this regard, and President Joe Biden may have just crossed that line.

President Biden faced swift backlash after promising up to $1 billion for “climate reparations” for poor countries that have suffered damages due to the use of fossil fuels.

China, however, was deemed a “developing nation” and is not required to contribute funds, despite being the world’s top polluter and having one of the largest economies. “Outnumbered” co-host Emily Compagno called the decision “utter nonsense” and questioned whether it was a satirical story from “The Onion.”

“What part of common sense is this?” she asked the panel.

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And then…

Co-host Kayleigh McEnany argued this is the opposite of an America-first agenda.

“This is what President Biden wants,” she said.

“China has two-thirds more emissions than the United States and Europe. So they go on emitting, not paying any money, and we foot the bill,” she explained. “Welcome to Biden’s America.”

US climate advocacy groups have been pushing Americans to completely reinvent their diets in order to help offset the carbon footprint of beef industry, while our nation is set to subsidize the poor behavior of China and others, which will only further infuriate many political observers.

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