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Biden Calls for Putin to be Tried for War Crimes After Bucha Massacre

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The town of Bucha, Ukraine will forever live in infamy, and the world knows it.

That’s because the small suburb of Kyiv is home to one of the most horrific wartime atrocities of the modern era, as Russian troops committed an outright massacre.  They slaughtered civilians, women and children included, some bound with their hands behind their backs.  They then unceremoniously dumped those bodies in a mass grave so large that it could be seen by satellite.

This has global leaders, US President Joe Biden included, calling for drastic action.

President Biden on Monday called for an “actual war crime trial” as evidence of atrocities committed against Ukrainian civilians in Bucha emerged over the weekend, but denied that the attacks amounted to a “genocide,” while, again, labeling Russian President Vladimir Putin a “war criminal.”

Ukrainian officials said the bodies of 410 civilians were found in Kyiv-area towns and cities that were recently retaken from Russian forces. In Bucha, alone, more than 100 civilians were found buried in mass graves.

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There was no mistaking the sentiment.

“He is a war criminal,” Biden said of Putin Monday morning upon returning to Washington, D.C., vowing that the United States will “continue to provide Ukraine with weapons they need to continue to fight.”

The president added that Putin “should be held accountable,” and said the United States needs to “get all the detail so this can be an actual war crime trial.”

Putin has appeared unfazed by calls for such a tribunal, leading many to wonder if the Moscow madman is even planning on surviving the invasion himself, either politically or literally.

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