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Biden Campaign Launches Desperation Effort as Latino Voters Jump Ship to Trump in Droves

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Democrats have always segregated Americans into categories, pitting them against one another and offering them nothing but fear and division.

Now, that loathsome party has a problem. And its operatives have decided to address the problem in the only way Democrats know: Through racist condescension and pandering.

According to Axios, President Joe Biden is trying to shore up diminishing support among non-white voters by visiting a Mexican restaurant in Phoenix, Arizona, on Tuesday.

Rumor has it that the president will entertain diners with lurid tales of his rough childhood in the barrios of Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Or, if that fails, perhaps he will remind them that if they do not support him, then they ain’t Mexican.

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Either way, Axios did report that Biden will announce a new campaign initiative called “Latinos con Biden-Harris.”

That should do the trick. After all, why would Latino voters want safe communities, affordable groceries, good schools, strong families, peace and freedom? They much prefer when the establishment panders to them in Spanish.

Of course, Democrats have not reserved their empty gestures for Latino voters alone. Axios also reported that the Biden campaign will try to shore up eroding support among black voters.

And how do Democrat operatives intend to do this? Well, the Biden campaign will run television ads in swing states during college basketball games. And those ads, according to Axios, will “warn [that] Trump’s return would be a ‘disaster’ for Black Americans.”

Will Trump win in November?

Again, why bother trying to improve black Americans’ lives? After all, for the party of slavery and segregation, race-based fear-mongering comes naturally.

No president or party has ever deserved to lose support among non-white voters more than Biden and the Democrats.

Imagine, after eight years of slandering former President Donald Trump and his supporters as racists and bigots, Biden and the Democrats have managed only to elevate Trump in the eyes of growing numbers of non-white Americans.

Friday on Substack, Nate Silver, longtime statistician and founder of the polling site FiveThirtyEight lent support to an analysis by John Burn-Murdoch of the Financial Times, who described recent polling data as a “racial realignment” of non-white voters away from the Democratic Party.

Silver characterized Burn-Murdoch’s data as “particularly bad for Democrats among working-class voters of color, and younger ones.”

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Indeed, aggregated polling data from February alone explains why the Biden campaign has gone into full panic-and-pandering mode.

For instance, between 2020 and 2024, the white electorate has not budged. Polling averages for 2020 showed Trump with a lead of 12 percentage points among white voters. Today, he leads that same demographic group by 12.1 points.

Among Hispanic voters, on the other hand, Trump has surged. Polling averages showed Biden leading that group by 24.3 points in 2020 but only by 5.8 points today.

Meanwhile, Trump has also cut into Biden’s 83-point lead among black voters. Today, that lead has shrunk to 54.6 percent.

In other words, the overall shift from Biden to Trump stands at a whopping 18.5 percent among Hispanic voters and a gargantuan 28.4 percent among black voters.

And the data to support this shift did not come from only one source. Silver, in fact, called the shift a “consistent pattern.” (Emphasis his,)

The consequences could not be more obvious.

“Without winning huge majorities of Black voters, and solid majorities of Hispanics and Asian Americans, Democrats’ electoral math doesn’t add up to a majority,” Silver wrote.

Remarkably, Biden and the Democrats do not seem to understand that white and non-white working-class voters share the same interests.

Furthermore, many of those voters also happen to share the same values. And they do not like seeing their faith, families and country under attack.

For instance, last week the musical duo Trump Latinos, joined by singer Jimmy Levy, released “The America I Know,” a song in honor of Laken Riley, the 22-year-old Georgia nursing student who was murdered last month, allegedly by a man who’d crossed the border illegally and was previously arrested and released.

The song’s lyrics echoed sentiments shared by Americans of every description living under the tyrannical Biden regime:

Remember going out at night and always feeling safe

Now they’re burning every statue, all our history and faith

Who is gonna stand up, who is willing to be brave,

And say, ‘This ain’t the America I know’

Readers may view the full video for the song on YouTube below.

In short, Biden and the Democrats could visit every Mexican restaurant and run ads during every basketball game. It would make no difference.

After all, a growing number of non-white voters who love God and country have awakened to the fact that Biden, the Democrats and the entire Satanic establishment love only chaos, war, authoritarianism, abortion and child mutilation.

Mercifully, the Democrats’ 200-year-old practice of racial pandering and fear-mongering is proving no match for Trump’s America First message.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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