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Biden Criticized for Putting Black Power Activist into Department of Education

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President Joe “Mr. Moderate” Biden has once again chosen one of the most radical people he could find for his administration by appointing a virulent black power activist to the Department of Education’s Communications and Outreach Office.

Biden is taking heat for appointing Nebraska Democrat Party Black Caucus chairwoman Precious McKesson to the DOE this week. McKeeson is also a loud supporter of the anti-white, black power ideas of the Critical Race Theory school curricula that so many parents are protesting across the nation.

The morbidly obese Mckesson was also a chief Biden operative in Nebraska for his election campaign in 2020 and was a member of the state’s electoral college contingent.

This year McKesson was heard saying that anyone who opposes Critical Race theory is uninformed and racist and that student should be taught that the U.S. is rife with “systemic racism” and that all white people are irredeemably racist.

Biden’s appointment of the race hustler is no surprise considering that Biden directed his FBI to treat parents who want to have a say in their children’s education as “terrorists.”

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Of particular concern to parents are vaccine mandates, mask mandates, and the teaching of “critical race theory”, all of which have received severe pushback from the parents of public school children around the country. In many cases, this pushback has arrived in the form of protests at school board meetings, and turbulent exchanges during the public forum portion of these events.

Now, the Biden administration is stepping in and sending the FBI in to investigate any possible threats against school administrators.

Instead of looking for actual terrorists, Biden’s corrupt FBI is now targeting parents of school children and calling them the terrorists.

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