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Biden: Even When You're Fully Vaccinated, There's Still Stuff You 'Cannot Do' — Watch

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Joe Biden is very quickly becoming the least transparent president to have ever served, which is saying something considering Barack Obama was POTUS not too long ago.

You’d think Dems would just let this China virus nonsense die down, at this point, since it was absolutely not ever as big a deal as they made it seem. If you think it is, ask yourself why the flu has disappeared.

But nope. Joe and co. remain intent on scaring people into submission.

From Daily Wire:

President Joe Biden was slammed online during his first primetime address where he spoke about the coronavirus pandemic. This comes as Biden continues to refuse to hold a solo press conference and has now gone more than 50 days without holding one, the longest of streak of hiding from media accountability of any president over the last 100 years.

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During his address, Biden threatened to reinstate lockdowns if people “don’t stay vigilant,” and warned that there will be things that people “cannot do once fully vaccinated.”



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