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Biden Gives Up After Botching Simple Acronym: 'Doesn't Matter What We Call It'

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Joe Biden tried desperately, but failed and ultimately gave up Monday trying to pronounce a simple acronym for the name of the administration’s initiative to help build infrastructure in the Pacific Islands.

Appearing at the White House during a meeting with representatives of leaders from the Pacific Islands, the 80-year-old Biden attempted to talk about his administration’s Pacific Islands Infrastructure Initiative, or PIII.

“Today I’m pleased to announce we’re working with Congress to invest $40 billion in our Pacific Islands Infrastructure Initiative,” Biden said during the meeting. “We call it the P… PI — anyways, doesn’t matter what we call it but that’s what it is.”

Trying to make light of the evidently embarrassing moment, he said, “I was gonna get back to acronyms and I’m gonna withstand, not doing that.”

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Biden’s verbal difficulties drew laughs from those in the room Monday, including some of the Pacific leaders in attendance.

(It wasn’t clear exactly what it was Biden was trying to pronounce. In acronym-ese — the official language of government speak — “PIII” would likely be “pie.” Or maybe “pies.” As an initialism, it might be “pee-eye-eye-eye.” Or potentially “pee-triple-eye.” It doesn’t seem very complicated.)

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It was hardly the first time Biden has gone into an embarrassing verbal stumble. The president has suffered a growing number of gaffes as he appears at events all over the world.

Just last week, for instance, Biden was seen absently stumbling around the stage, bumping into the Brazilian flag, and then wandering off stage without shaking the hand of Brazil’s socialist President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

And that wasn’t the first time that Biden awkwardly just walked off stage during an event. He did the same thing on Sept. 5 after presenting the Medal of Honor to retired Army Capt. Larry Taylor for his heroics during the Vietnam War.

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Gaffes like this only add to the many lies he’s told at events such as these.

Biden constantly lies about his past to make himself the hero of his own story, to ingratiate himself with an audience, to pander to a minority group, or to enhance his experiences and qualifications.

For example, a week ago he once again trotted out the lie that he “taught classes” as a professor at the University of Pennsylvania.

He made the latest “teaching” claim during a speech at Maryland’s Prince George’s Community College.

In reality, Joe Biden never taught any classes at all when he was with the university.

There are too many other examples like this to list here. But to name a few, last month Biden claimed he actually saw a bridge collapse before his very eyes in Pittsburgh in 2022, when he most assuredly did not.

Then there is his beloved, but entirely fake, Amtrak story that he tells over and over again, a false story about a long-time Amtrak employee Biden claims he interacted with.

He has often claimed to have been born in the same hospital in which his “grand pop” died, but it isn’t true. Joe was born in Scranton and his grandfather died in Baltimore.

For years Biden claimed that a drunk driver caused the accident that took the life of his first wife, Neilia Biden, and the couple’s infant daughter at the beginning of Biden’s Senate career. (Biden was sworn in in the hospital where his sons who survived the crash were being treated.)

But the drunk driver claim is simply false. No charges were filed against the man, and reports indicated the crash was likely Neilia Biden’s fault. Yet, Biden told this drunk driver story for decades, infuriating the man’s family.

Then there is his recurring false claim that he was a top student in college and that he had a string of college degrees, none of which was true. He claimed he was in the “top half” of his class in school. In reality, he was 76th in a class of 85 students. This blatant lie along with several others uttered in 1987, helped lead to the collapse of his first campaign for president.

The White House is so afraid that this infirm and rapidly aging man will make the U.S. look like a weak actor that Axios even recently reported that aides are terrified that he’ll fall down on national TV again like he did in June.

None of this builds American confidence in the man in the Oval Office, of course. And pretty much all of it makes conservative Americans look forward to changing that man in November 2024.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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