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Biden Gives Hamas Terrorists a Ramadan Present as Conservatives Slam Him for 'Disgraceful' Sellout

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This is one gift Americans are going to regret giving.

Desperate to shore up support on the Democratic Party’s radical left wing, President Joe Biden on Monday handed a nice, fat Ramadan present to the murderous terrorists of Hamas.

In the process, he showed he’s ready to sacrifice the blood of an American ally and the honor of the American people. And all he wants in return is to win Michigan.

In an astounding display of cowardice combined with international bullying, the United States ambassador to the United Nations on Monday abstained from a Security Council resolution urging a ceasefire in Israel’s war against Hamas for the Muslim “holy month” of Ramadan.

The resolution, which passed unanimously without a United States veto, also made a show of demanding the release of hostages being held by Hamas after its appallingly bloody raid on Israel on Oct. 7. It, naturally, threw in an obligatory reference to the “humanitarian assistance” needed by Palestinians amid the war that Palestinian terrorists deliberately provoked.

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But the headline news was the ceasefire demand, as The New York Times coverage showed.

That’s because its aim is to effectively handcuff Israel in its war for survival — and prevent it from destroying the enemy that sparked the fighting in the first place.

In a post on the social media platform X, Republican Sen. Ted Cruz summed it up succinctly.

“Biden, given the choice to stand with Israel, ABSTAINED,” he wrote.


At the New York Post, a conservative counterweight to the stomach-turning propaganda of The New York Times, the editorial board went further in a piece aptly headlined: “Team Biden’s UN sellout of Israel is public, monstrous and final.”

“Hamas could have avoided the war in the first place by not committing the worst slaughter of Jews since the Holocaust,” the editorial stated.

“The onus is not now somehow placed on Israel to simply give up a necessary battle for survival in order to appease the global left.

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“That Washington has joined this farce shows that the rot has fully infected the highest levels of the executive.”

This isn’t the first time Democrats in D.C. have abandoned the United States’ strongest ally in the Middle East. The Obama administration pulled a similar stunt back in December 2016, when, on the way out the door, then-President Barack Obama took a spiteful parting shot at Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by abstaining from a vote condemning Israeli settlement activity, as USA Today reported at the time.

Since Biden’s years have been a retread of Obama’s policies, it’s not entirely surprising Biden would follow Obama’s craven betrayal of 2016 with a craven betrayal of his own.

But this is worse.

Obama was in the closing days of his second term in December 2016. Biden is desperately trying to win a second term, and to do that he needs the support of the fringiest left-wing Democrats, the kind who scared him in the swing state of Michigan by voting “uncommitted” in the Democratic primary rather than voting for him.

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It was a sign that the Muslim Democrats — and the radical Democratic left on a national basis, not just in the Wolverine State — would rather see Biden out of office than Biden supporting Israel. And Biden would clearly rather betray Israel and see its soil steeped in Jewish blood “from the River to the Sea,” than lose the November election to former President Donald Trump.

Neville Chamberlain was a moral giant compared to this.

Ramadan ends April 8, but no one should really think that Hamas supporting leftists and the spineless Western governments that kowtow to them will really be satisfied that Israel stops killing terrorists for the next two weeks. The resolution itself declared the goal is a “lasting sustainable ceasefire” — which is another way of saying Hamas can go back to killing Jews at the times and places it chooses, and Israel can only react.

It’s already clear that Israel will reject the demand for a ceasefire (Hamas “welcomed” it, according to Reuters. Big surprise there.) And it is making its displeasure known to the Biden administration. But Israel is a small country surrounded by savages. It needs the support of the United States — and of Americans who aren’t on the left end of the Democratic political spectrum.

The New York Post editorial’s conclusion nailed it:

“There’s now clearly no hope of a cure without political change in November — which means defeating Biden and the Democrats who enable him is now a moral and geostrategic necessity.”

That’s not just a necessity for conservatives and Republicans. It’s a necessity of every American who makes a claim to decency. There’s a lot more at stake here than whether Joe Biden can win in Dearborn.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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