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Biden Is Asked About Promise of 'Immediate' $2000 Pandemic Checks, Walks Away (Watch)

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What kind of person votes for a guy who they know, deep down, that he’s doing nothing but lying to them? Not only that, but a man who promised open borders and “free” healthcare for all and higher taxes?

What goes through a person’s mind to make them think that any of that is okay?

From The Daily Wire:

Democrat President Joe Biden refused to answer a question from a reporter on Thursday about his unfulfilled promise last month that if Democrats won the Senate, he would have $2,000 stimulus checks going out the door “immediately.”

“Mr. President, whatever happened to your promise from 7 weeks ago that if Democrats [flipped] the Senate that checks were going out the door?” Fox News reporter Peter Doocy asked. Biden refused to answer the question.

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And here’s some randomness from Twitter…

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