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Biden Kicks Off Maui Trip by Making It About Himself, Cracking Jokes Where People Died

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President Joe Biden began his visit to the fire-ravaged Hawaiian island of Maui by making it look as if he was completely indifferent to their plight.

After a week of silence and dodging questions about the horrific and deadly wildfires on Maui, Biden finally made the effort the fly out to the island to survey the destruction for himself.

Except, Biden did not seem to offer much in the way of sympathy or inspiration to the residents and officials of the devastated island. Instead, he used the occasion to tell stories about himself and crack jokes.

During his Monday speech to the officials and residents of Maui, Biden tried to relate to them by telling the story of how his son and first wife died in a car crash while he was a congressman.

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While it certainly is a tragic story, this has nothing to do with the situation in Hawaii. People lose loved ones all the time, and it’s not as if his wife and son died in a wildfire. It seems as if Biden was merely telling to story as a way to talk about himself.

Pretty typical for a president who constantly talks about the death of his son Beau Biden to try and relate to military veterans, despite the fact that Beau died of cancer and not in combat.

But the speech only got worse from there. Biden then proceeded to mispronounce the names of several Hawaiian officials and joked about Hawaii Sen. Mazie Hirono’s name.

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Biden then joked with the mayor of Maui County about how he looked like he was a football player and called the fire a “national travedy.”

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Then, while touring the devastation, he joked about how hot the ground was and his boots.

Absolutely shameful behavior from the president. Not only does this speech add to the never-ending series of Biden gaffes, but it also demonstrates the complete disregard that the president has for the concerns of the American people.

The people of Maui are aware that he has no real sympathy for them, and many have even said that they do not want Biden visiting because he is just doing it for the cameras.

But it is not only the Hawaiian people who have experienced this callousness. The families of the Gold Star servicemembers killed in Afghanistan in 2021 have also been treated coldly by the president in the face of their tragic losses.

Biden clearly has little to no concern for the well-being of ordinary Americans, and now, even people in a liberal state like Hawaii are starting to notice it.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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