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Biden, Obama, and The Don Descend on Keystone State Ahead of Midterms

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There are but a few scant hours between now and the midterm elections, and the nation is now keying in on a few particular locales that could decide the fate of Congress.

This has been an “off-year” election like no other, as the dire and dramatic political situation that the United States has endured in recent months will once again come to a head at the ballot box.  Pollsters and pundits are scrambling to decide which races will truly become the political tipping point, all while the President and his surrogates fanatically suggest that Republicans are a “threat to democracy”.

In this late stage of the election cycle, it appears as though Pennsylvania has become the most coveted congressional battleground we’ll see, and both parties are sending their A-Team to the Keystone State in a last-ditch effort to swing the voters.

Former President Barack Obama opens the day at a Pittsburgh rally with Democratic Senate hopeful John Fetterman, the Pennsylvania lieutenant governor who represents his party’s best chance to flip a Republican-held Senate seat on Tuesday. Obama and Fetterman will appear alongside President Joe Biden and gubernatorial candidate Josh Shapiro later in the day in Philadelphia.

Before arriving in Pennsylvania, Biden was facing fierce resistance from some in his party for promoting plans to shut down fossil fuel plants in favor of green energy — specifically for comments Friday during a campaign appearance in California. The fossil fuel industry is a major employer in Pennsylvania.

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And then…

Former President Donald Trump, meanwhile, will finish the day courting voters in a working-class region in the southwestern corner of Pennsylvania with Senate candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz and gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano.

The race between Fetterman and Oz has taken a strange, uncomfortable turn in recent weeks, as Fetterman’s recovery from a recent stroke has made some of his public appearances and a recent debate with Dr. Oz uncomfortable to watch.


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