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Biden Removes Mask to Cough Into His Hand During Campaign Event — Video

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Mask up. That’s all we hear from the left. Yet, the Democrat Party standard-bearer doesn’t even understand the purpose behind the mask. If he did, he wouldn’t have done this.

Then again, we’re talking about Joe Biden here.

The guy is such a goof.

From Fox News:

Biden, who sported a mask and his iconic aviators at a voter drive-in event, had taken a moment to catch his breath while speaking to supporters.

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However, the Democratic nominee lowered his mask and coughed into his hand before covering his face again.


If POTUS made a comment similar to what Joe recently said about deaths from COVID-19, it would make headline news. But since the former VP made the comments, he gets a pass.

Just remember that Joe isn’t blaming China, where the virus originated.

No, he’s placing the blame on Trump for the deaths of, well, everyone.


Another clip…

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And one more…

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