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Biden Said to be Raging Behind the Scenes Over Age Criticisms

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Joe Biden’s reelection possibilities are slim, despite his rather ambitious attitude when it comes to the idea of running again in 2024.

This is a President who, up until just recently, had some of the lowest approval ratings in modern history.  And let’s not forget the myriad scandals that have plagued the White House either, from Hunter Biden’s “laptop from Hell” to the abysmal situation on the southern border.

But these preventable problems aren’t the only issue with another potential Biden campaign, as Biden’s potential reelection would make him the oldest President that we’ve ever had, bringing with it all of the worrying that comes along with that facet as well.

So far, Biden’s age has been a major part of that conversation as well.

President Biden is reportedly upset about the media’s constant coverage of his age, which will likely remain a thorn on his side as he inches closer towards a 2024 run.

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Biden, who just turned 80 last month, is the oldest-serving president in U.S. history. And questions over his fitness to lead has been a cause of concern for both his detractors and supporters alike.

On Tuesday, Politico published a story about how “eerily quiet” the 2024 race is. Republicans are largely mum about former President Trump’s already-declared candidacy as his polls continue to wane and legal troubles carry on. Meanwhile, Biden has been reluctant to officially announce his re-election bid though he has repeatedly said he “intends” to run.


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