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Biden Slams Reporter For Asking Question About Hunter Biden, Calls Him ‘One-Horse Pony’



Former Vice President Joe Biden recently proved once again that he is likely not functioning with all of his mental faculties as he referred to a reporter who asked him a question about his son, Hunter Biden, as a “one-horse pony.”

As you probably know, the actual phrase is “one trick pony.” This is once again more evidence that Biden isn’t likely playing with a full deck if you get the drift.

Anyway, the reporter who asked the potential future president about his son was Fox News host Peter Doocy.

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“Mr. President-elect, do you still think that the stories from the fall about your son Hunter were Russian disinformation and a smear campaign like you said?” Doocy asked.

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“Yes, yes, yes. God love you, man — you’re a one-horse pony, I tell you,” Biden said in response.

Gee, that almost seemed like he was ducking the question, didn’t it? Probably because he was. Thanks to the currently ongoing investigation into Hunter Biden, who admitted he was being looked into by the FBI over “tax affairs,” we know for a fact those stories that came out about him before the election were true, though the mainstream media did everything in its power to prevent that story from coming out.

via Washington Examiner:

The FBI has since confirmed that there is an open investigation involving Hunter Biden, and Attorney General William Barr “has known about a disparate set of investigations involving Hunter Biden’s business and financial dealings since at least this spring.”

Biden added after the verbal slip-up that he would not interfere with the course federal investigators decide to take regarding his son.

“I promise you, my Justice Department will be totally on its own making its judgments about how they should proceed,” Biden said.

Right. We all know that’s not going to happen.

How many times in the past has Biden used his political power and authority to help get his son out of trouble? Just about every single time. You can’t tell me that’s going to change just because he MIGHT be president in a month’s time.

In fact, I’d say we’re going to end up seeing unprecedented abuse of power from Biden if he indeed lands in the White House.

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