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Biden Stumbles Through Livestream Event, Makes Multiple Blunders: 'Excuse Me, I Misspoke'

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President Joe Biden began a White House livestream Tuesday with a stumbling start as he met virtually with a bipartisan group of governors about COVID-19 vaccinations.

The president began with a laugh, saying, “I’m just waiting for them to tell me when we get going here since we’re livestreaming this.”

He was then told the event was ready to begin.

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“I’m supposed to look over here instead of at you guys,” Biden added to the people on the screen a few seconds later.

It was unclear exactly where Biden was “supposed to look.”

Later in his remarks, the president appeared to be struggling to read off the teleprompter, according to a tweet from the Republican National Committee.

“They can text their zip code to 3 — excuse me, I misspoke — their zip code, texted to 438829,” the president said.

The stumble added to other recent gaffes by the president.

During a speech in Virginia last week, Biden announced what would have been the biggest tax cut since the federal income tax was instituted in 1913.

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“The reason I’m bothering to do this is I keep hearing on the press, ‘Biden’s going to raise your taxes,’” Biden told the audience at Tidewater Community College.

“Anybody making less than $400,000 a year will not pay a single penny in taxes. And we will not increase the deficit either, unlike the last gigantic tax cut, which increased the deficit by $2 trillion.”

Biden also called 29-year-old Masters winner Hideki Matsuyama a “Japanese boy” to the face of the Japanese prime minister in April.

In March, the White House altered a transcript after Biden mixed up the names of the president of Afghanistan and the former leader of the Pakistani military.

“And General Austin is — just met with Kayani and I’m waiting for the briefing on that,” Biden said.

The White House transcript, however, read: “And General Austin is — just met with Ghani and I’m waiting for the briefing on that.

“He is the — the ‘leader,’ quote, in Afghanistan and Kabul.”

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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