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Biden Told He’d Be Oldest President After His First Term, He Says ‘What About Winston Churchill?’

He cannot be serious!

John Salvatore



Joe Biden said he was joking. He was clearly not joking. He knew he got caught making another incredibly ridiculous gaffe and he tried to cover for himself as quickly as possible. He failed, quite impressively.

To think that Winston Churchill was American is pretty bad. The 2020 Democrat frontrunner just continues to show the country how unfit he truly is to be POTUS. Also, did you hear that Obama’s longtime doctor says Joe was mentally unfit? Just something to keep in mind.


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Um… what is going on??? #DemDebate

More goofy shenanigans from the debate:

Bernie Sanders is the oldest candidate on stage, and he’s “white as well” #DemDebate

Elizabeth Warren on being the oldest president if she were to win: “I’d also be the youngest woman ever inaugurated” #DemDebate

Pete Buttigieg pointed towards his experience running as “a gay dude in Mike Pence’s Indiana” at tonight’s #DemDebate

Who does Joe think he’s kidding? The guy may or may not be gifted the Democrat nomination for president, despite little to no real opposition.

That’s how weak the 2020 field truly is.

And yet, he thinks he can go without Barack Obama’s endorsement? Well, Joe, you’re already a twice-failed presidential candidate.

You’d think you would want all the help you can get.

Joe says no, though. He doesn’t want Barry’s name attached to his candidacy, despite dropping Obama’s name at every campaign stop whenever he gets the chance.

Joe Biden said he didn’t need Barack Obama’s endorsement in the Democratic primary, even if the field were down to three people


#Biden… How to shoot your own foot when shooting from the lip

Joe, buddy, if you want to be more convincing you have to at least try.

“No malarkey”? Is he running against Herbert Hoover?

Come on joe what happened to “No Malarkey”!


H/T: Twitchy

Save conservative media!


WATCH: Biden Appears to Be Reading His Answers Off Monitor During Interview — ‘I Lost That Line’


John Salvatore



The short clip in the tweet below shows Joe Biden looking away from the interviewer, peering at a camera or monitor or person, saying “I lost that line.” In other words, it is blatantly evident that he is being spoon-fed answers during this interview – and likely others, too. The saddest part? The reporter just goes along with it, as if there’s nothing “off” here. Imagine if Trump did this with Sean Hannity. Instant pandemonium. WATCH: Now, check out the photo below… More Biden, via Fox News: President Trump said on Monday that he assumes Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s “going to do great” during the first presidential debate scheduled for next week, then went on to slam the former vice president. “I’ve done more in 47 months than he’s done in 47 years and that’s absolutely true,” Trump told “Fox & Friends” in an exclusive interview on Monday. Go ahead and spout off on Joe in the comments section. Consider this an open thread…

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Ginsburg On NFL Players Kneeling for the National Anthem: ‘It’s Dumb & Disrespectful’

How about them apples?

John Salvatore



If the mainstream media reported on these quotes from Ruth Bader Ginsburg about NFL players kneeling for the national anthem, a lot of lefties would be very, very disappointed. Ginsburg and conservatives may not have agreed on most issues but at the end of the day, the former Supreme Court justice appeared to be a Democrat who actually loved her country. Check this out, via Breitbart: As America continues to reflect on the life of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, it is notable to remember that she was not a supporter of former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s protests during the national anthem. […] “I think it’s really dumb of them,” Ginsburg said of Kaepernick’s protests during an interview with Katie Couric in October of 2016. RBG added, “If they want to be stupid, there’s no law that should be preventive. If they want to be arrogant, there’s no law that prevents them from that. What I would do is strongly take issue with the point of view that they are expressing when they do that.” Here are some reactions from the Twitter world on RBG’s passing…

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