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Biden Told He’d Be Oldest President After His First Term, He Says ‘What About Winston Churchill?’

He cannot be serious!

John Salvatore



Joe Biden said he was joking. He was clearly not joking. He knew he got caught making another incredibly ridiculous gaffe and he tried to cover for himself as quickly as possible. He failed, quite impressively.

To think that Winston Churchill was American is pretty bad. The 2020 Democrat frontrunner just continues to show the country how unfit he truly is to be POTUS. Also, did you hear that Obama’s longtime doctor says Joe was mentally unfit? Just something to keep in mind.


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Um… what is going on??? #DemDebate

More goofy shenanigans from the debate:

Bernie Sanders is the oldest candidate on stage, and he’s “white as well” #DemDebate

Elizabeth Warren on being the oldest president if she were to win: “I’d also be the youngest woman ever inaugurated” #DemDebate

Pete Buttigieg pointed towards his experience running as “a gay dude in Mike Pence’s Indiana” at tonight’s #DemDebate

Who does Joe think he’s kidding? The guy may or may not be gifted the Democrat nomination for president, despite little to no real opposition.

That’s how weak the 2020 field truly is.

And yet, he thinks he can go without Barack Obama’s endorsement? Well, Joe, you’re already a twice-failed presidential candidate.

You’d think you would want all the help you can get.

Joe says no, though. He doesn’t want Barry’s name attached to his candidacy, despite dropping Obama’s name at every campaign stop whenever he gets the chance.

Joe Biden said he didn’t need Barack Obama’s endorsement in the Democratic primary, even if the field were down to three people


#Biden… How to shoot your own foot when shooting from the lip

Joe, buddy, if you want to be more convincing you have to at least try.

“No malarkey”? Is he running against Herbert Hoover?

Come on joe what happened to “No Malarkey”!


H/T: Twitchy

Save conservative media!


Obama In 2008: We Can Only Trust Mail-In Ballots If Signatures Are Verified (Watch)

Ain’t that something!?

John Salvatore



It’s pretty amazing how Democrats can flip the switch. They hated the Electoral College for a long time…until their guy “won.” Many of them, like Barack Obama and Rep. Jerry Nadler (NY), once said mail-in voting is rife with fraud. But again, because their guy “won,” they refuse to speak the truth. Cowards. Here’s what the worst president in American history said in 2008 on MSNBC, “Well, I think we have to figure out whether this is fraud proof. I mean, Oregon has a terrific mail-in system but they’ve already scanned everyone’ signature whose registered to vote so that they can check to make sure that in fact the right people are voting.” WATCH: LOOK: Even though Dems claim voter fraud isn’t real, Nadler said in 2004 that it was very real. WATCH: View this post on Instagram After admitting this, Jerry Nadler and Democrats have so little shame that they are advocating for mail-in voting?! A post shared by Dinesh D'Souza (@dineshjdsouza) on Aug 4, 2020 at 7:40am PDT WATCH:

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Olbermann: You’re Absolutely ‘Right’ We Want to Criminalize Policy Differences (Watch)

The TDS may never disappear!

John Salvatore



If you don’t agree with us, you should be ostracized or even imprisoned. That’s how the left thinks. That’s how crazy they have become. The left is clearly comprised of communists and socialists and they’re not even afraid to hide it anymore. Keith Olbermann is one of the worst they have to offer. The former ESPN host blabbered, “G– d**n it! When the policy differences are between maintaining American democracy and substituting racist, one party rule. You’re G– d**n right, we want to criminalize policy differences that might exist between the outgoing administration and the administration that is about to take over.” WATCH: In short, Olbermann is a goon. To him, the only opinion that matters is the left’s. Who employs this guy, these days? WATCH: From New York Post: Keith Olbermann is leaving ESPN again. This time, he insisted it’s on good terms. Olbermann announced on Twitter that he will be offering political commentary on a new YouTube show, “The Worst Person in the World,” that begins on Wednesday. WATCH: Well, he got the title of his show correct.

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