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Biden Tries Saving Dem Midterm Hopes with Gun Control Push

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It has been well understood for some time that the Democrats are in a whole lot of trouble in the coming months, as the 2022 midterms appear to be headed in a direction that will make them nearly obsolete.

A “red wave” is coming in November according to even the most level-headed political pundits, and the left knows it.  They’ve been working under the gun this whole time, and the ever-widening scope of the January 6th committee is merely a corroboration of this fact.  They need to vilify their political opponents via this investigation rather than compete on the reality of the Biden administration’s work because, frankly, the White House is in shambles as well.

Nothing is working for the left, and so now, in a bit of egregious emotional exploitation, President Joe Biden is attempting to steer the 2022 conversation to the issue of gun control, where the left can bludgeon us with heart-wrenching massacres and mayhem in order to make us vote for them.

President Joe Biden said Saturday that gun safety “has to become an election issue,” while praising Americans who are rallying for reform in Washington, D.C. in the wake of multiple mass shootings across the country.

His remarks come after recent shootings in New York, California, Texas, and Oklahoma, among others, have left dozens of adults and children dead in the past several weeks. The frequency of gun violence in the country has reignited a national debate about gun control and safety, with Biden calling upon Congress to pass urgent reform measures.

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Biden wasn’t pulling any punches, but the strategic implications of his comments were fairly transparent.

“Keep marching. It’s important. Look, this has to become an election issue. The way people say ‘this isn’t going to affect my vote,’…too many people are dying, needlessly,” the president said in response to the rally, according to CNN. “What’s being proposed in the House and Senate is marginal. It’s important, but it’s not all that needs to be done… the answer is march.”

What the Democrats have failed to realize is that America understands what they’re doing.  We The People have long felt as though this “vote for us or kids will die” schtick was gauche, to say the least, and with the left in a situation as desperate as they’ve found themselves in, it is frankly a little disturbing.

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