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Biden Voters Share Blame for Afghan Debacle

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We are watching history unfold before our eyes. The completely irresponsible mishandling of the crisis in Afghanistan by the Biden administration will haunt our country for generations. But there is an underlying problem that is being overlooked—millions of voters are responsible for handing over control of the United States to a pair of imbeciles.

Have you watched the Matt Zeller clip on MSNBC? In classic MSNBC style, Brian Williams ignores Biden’s ineptness and instead applauds Biden’s defense of our withdrawal from Afghanistan. Zeller, a combat veteran from the Afghan war, disagrees with Williams. Zeller is livid that Biden dropped the ball by not protecting thousands of Afghans who have supported American efforts for 20 years. If these people are not airlifted out of Kabul, Zeller warns, the Taliban will murder them.

Zeller is correct, but his argument is weakened by the admission that he voted for Biden. By his vote, Zeller shares responsibility for what is happening in Afghanistan. Zeller never says, “I was an idiot to vote for Biden.” Everybody, including Joe Biden, wants to blame somebody else; no one wants to accept responsibility. Zeller—and every other person who voted for Biden—bears the blame not merely for the Afghan debacle but also for the destruction of our country by fools. The folks who voted for Biden/Harris should be paraded in public wearing dunce caps.

The most serious crisis currently facing our nation is that, in the words of economist Thomas Sowell, too many voters have failed to see Joe Biden for what he is—”not only a phony but an incompetent one.” So long as a cognitively challenged political puppet sits in the Oval Office, America is on the road to becoming an authoritarian socialist nation run by unaccountable government bureaucrats. 

The irony is that we are coming off of four years with a strong president. Donald Trump implemented a strategic series of policies that were successful in reversing the destructive, leftist agenda of the Obama administration. Trump’s actions restored America’s economy, lowered unemployment, improved the economic conditions of minorities, took us out of the phony Paris Accord, repudiated the counter-productive Iran agreement, stood up to China’s expansionist foreign policy and one-sided economic practices, supported energy independence, enhanced peace in the Middle East, stabilized conditions on the southern border, rebuilt the military, and ended the influence of critical race theory in government agencies.

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In a mere six months, Joe Biden’s tyrannical executive orders have reversed the benefits of Trump’s policies and set us on a course of economic and social ruin. Under Biden’s feeble presidency, every one of our revered institutions is under attack. He is raising taxes, re-instituting critical race theory, burdening the economy with the unreasonable demands of the Paris Accord, and laying down before the demands of Iran and China. The strong military bequeathed by Trump is being undermined by inappropriate social re-engineering. Perhaps worst of all, Biden has opened the border during a pandemic. Hordes of illegal aliens infected with COVID and Stone Age terrorists from Iran and Afghanistan are free to infiltrate the homeland with no restrictions.

If the Democrats are not stopped in the 2022 and 2024 elections, the two-party system will come to an end and the nation will be run by a left-wing oligarchy. The system of free elections was subverted in 2020 with abuses engineered by the Democratic Party. Efforts are in the works to perpetuate those abuses. Kamala Harris, a compliant leftist who bombed out in the primary, was inserted as VP in anticipation that Biden will not be able to continue for a full term.

How have we landed in this mess? Thomas Sowell gives us the answer. “The utter gullibility of the public that disregards all hard facts. If everyone knew what all the facts are,” says Sowell, “you’d have an entirely different set of people elected.” Referring to the uninformed, Sowell says, “their most patriotic act would be to stay home on election day rather than vote on the basis of their whims or their emotions.” The price of an ignorant electorate is the loss of our constitutionally-protected freedoms. Will the Afghan debacle wake up American voters? Let’s hope so.

Ed Brodow is a conservative political commentator, negotiation expert, and author of eight books including Tyranny of the Minority: How the Left is Destroying America. He is a former US Marine officer, Fortune 500 sales executive, and Hollywood movie actor.


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