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#BidenHasCancer Trends After President's Latest Wild Gaffe

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I guess it’s time for someone in the White House press room to set the “days since an incident” counter back to zero.

Another week, another ridiculous gaffe by elderly US President Joe Biden, who told the nation this week that he has cancer…even though he doesn’t.

President Biden said Wednesday that he has cancer, forcing the White House press office to quickly clarify that he was referring to skin cancer treatment that he had before taking office last year.

The remark initially appeared to be a stunningly casual health announcement during a speech about global warming in which the president described emissions from oil refineries near his childhood home in Claymont, Del.

“That’s why I and so damn many other people I grew up with have cancer and why for the longest time Delaware had the highest cancer rate in the nation,” Biden said.

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Staffers of the President quickly corrected the statement, as they have become accustom to doing.

White House spokesman Andrew Bates referred The Post to a tweet from Washington Post columnist Glenn Kessler, who noted that Biden had “non-melanoma skin cancers” removed before he took office.

#BidenHasCancer was trending on Twitter after the incident, as users took a moment to note the President’s mistake.

Anarchist author Michael Malice, meanwhile, joked, “Don’t worry about Joe Biden having cancer, he is married to a doctor” — referring to the fact that first lady Jill Biden uses the honorific “Dr.” to note her 2007 doctorate in education.

Biden’s ongoing gaffe problem has contributed to concerns about his cognitive capabilities, particularly as he insists on running for office again in 2024.

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