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Biden's COVID Theatrics: WH Photog Snaps Pic of 'Working' POTUS

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On Thursday, the White House announced that President Joe Biden had tested positive for COVID-19, and, unsurprisingly, the media machine went into overdrive.

The President was said to be experiencing “mild” symptoms, but anytime anyone from the White House uses such a bland descriptor it can conjure all manner of doubt.

Of course, Biden’s advanced age had many fearing for the worst, and soon #PresidentHarris was trending on Twitter.  This macabre sentiment wasn’t merely fueled by concerns for Biden’s health, but for the health of the nation, should the bullying-yet-inefficient Vice President need to be called up to the Oval Office.

Now, in what appeared to be an attempt to shore up our confidence in the President’s health, a White House staffer was sent in to photograph Biden at work.

A White House photographer stood six feet away from President Joe Biden and wore an N-95 mask to take his photo for social media after the president tested positive for COVID- test on Thursday, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said during a briefing.

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The president’s official account tweeted the photo, which shows Biden sitting maskless at a desk in a suit and button-up dress shirt.

In the tweet, Biden said he was “doing great” after his diagnosis and said he was “keeping busy!”

And, as if to prove that Biden is still functioning, a video soon followed.

The President will need to remain isolated for at least 5 days, and will continually be tested for the virus.

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