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Biden’s DOJ Looks to Block Barr’s ‘Obstruction’ Memo, Angering Democrats

Pundits and progressives were not fond of the decision.



Donald Trump has remained a target of the modern Democratic Party, even after he’s left the White House and been banned from most major social media platforms.  But this week, a strange move by the Department of Justice has some on the left wondering why the White House appears to be protecting the former President.

At the center of the controversy is a memo from the desk of former Attorney General Bill Barr, regarding the DOJ’s decisions regarding former President Donald Trump’s alleged “obstruction of justice” during the infamous RussiaGate investigation.  A court had previously decided that this memo should be released to the public, but the Biden administration is now looking to block at least some of that information from going public.

The Justice Department released a portion of an internal memo cited by former leaders as part of their decision concluding that former President Donald Trump did not obstruct justice, but in a court filing late Monday said it would seek to block the full document from release.

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The move is certain to disappoint watchdog groups and Biden administration allies in Congress, who have called for transparency about alleged wrongdoing in the Trump years — and accountability for officials who allegedly abused their power.

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Democratic Sens. Dick Durbin and Sheldon Whitehouse recently wrote to new Attorney General Merrick Garland, urging him to end the court battle and make the document public “in order to help rebuild the nation’s trust in DOJ’s independence after four years of turmoil.”

The lawsuit filed by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, or CREW, is one of the first public tests of how new Justice Department leaders will handle questionable activity by their predecessors. During the presidential campaign, then-candidate Joe Biden had an uneasy reaction to the idea of a federal case against Trump.

Democrats and left-leaning pundits were up in arms over the decision on Tuesday, urging the Biden administration to change their mind and allow the release of the complete document.


Biden to Tackle Gun Violence with Summer Camps and Jobs

This is all just another plug for the American Rescue Plan.



During the presidency of Donald Trump, many of his supporters were sure that the Commander in Chief was fighting a barely-secret war against a “deep state” of establishment politicians whose goal was to keep the status quo chugging along at all costs, enriching themselves in the process. And, given that Trump had to work in the shadows to accomplish this, many began using the term “4D chess” to describe his fight. Any time that The Don made a move that seemed a bit out of character, many believed that this was a subterranean attempt at stealing power from the deep state that only Trump could quite understand. Now, in a far more bizarre set of moves, it appears as thought the Biden administration is trying to play something like 7 or 8D chess when they are only truly qualified to handle tic-tac-toe. First, they insist that “climate change” is a “root cause” of illegal immigration, which is a dumbfounding declaration in and of its own right. Now they are aiming to tackle gun violence with summer camp. President Joe Biden on Wednesday will lay out his plan for addressing the surge in gun violence that has impacted cities around the country in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. The president’s strategy will address five key areas: stemming the flow of firearms used to commit violence; providing law enforcement with more resources; investing in community violence interventions; expanding summer programs and employment opportunities, especially for young people; and helping formerly incarcerated people re-enter their communities. As part of Biden’s plan, the Treasury Department will issue new guidelines Wednesday making clear that communities experiencing a surge in gun violence as a result of the pandemic can use the $350 billion in state and local funding included in the American Rescue Plan to…

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ABOUT TIME: Kamala Harris Makes Much-Anticipated Travel Plans

It only took three months!



It has taken three months, but our Vice President is finally about to tackle the border crisis head on. Sure, Kamala Harris has visited Guatemala, but, ask anyone involved in that debacle and you’re unlikely to find a glowing review of her diplomacy there.  In fact, after Harris left, the President of that nation told the world that the whole immigration crisis is Joe Biden’s fault anyway. Now, after incessant criticism from the mainstream media, Harris will finally be heading to the border. Vice President Kamala Harris is set to visit the U.S.-Mexico border on Friday, the White House confirmed, amid mounting criticism from Republicans for not yet doing so, following her appointment by President Biden to handle the “root causes” of migration. Harris is set to visit El Paso, Texas, with Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. Harris has come under heavy criticism from Republicans and some Democrats for the way she has handled the role since being appointed to it 91 days ago. While the White House has emphasized she is tasked with the “root causes” of the border crisis, Republicans have criticized her repeatedly for not having visited the border at all – with former Trump officials saying she needs to go to the border in order to be able to conduct the talks effectively. Harris has thus far opted to work on the “root causes” of illegal immigration, stating that she believes “climate change” to be a major factor; a proclamation that has enthused the radical leftists of the Democratic Party.

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