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Biden's Drone Strike Didn't Kill Any ISIS, it Killed Charity Worker and Six Kids

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Two day after ISIS killed 13 members of the U.S. military and 170 Afghans in a suicide bombing in Kabul, Biden claimed he sent a drone strike to kill a high-profile ISIS “facilitator.” But now we know all he did was kill a U.S. contractor and an innocent family of Afghans including a bunch of children.

According to reports that have finally tracked down the victims of Biden’s big terrorist-killing drone success, we now know that Biden murdered a man who helped bring food and water to needy people and an entire Afghan family that happened to be right near the Biden’s Hellfire missile strike.

Yes, it turns out that Biden and his incompetent administration killed nearly a dozen innocent people. NOT any members of ISIS.

The blast killed ten members of the extended family of a civilian aid worker, Zemari Ahmadi, and three of his children, Zamir, 20, Faisal, 16, and Farzad, 10; Mr. Ahmadi’s cousin Naser, 30; three of Romal’s children, Arwin, 7, Benyamin, 6, and Hayat, 2; and two 3-year-old girls, Malika and Somaya.

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The liars Biden has installed in the federal government rushed out to celebrate their drone strike claiming that they took down an important member of ISIS.

They lied:

It turns out the people Biden obliterated were just filling bottles with water just before Biden’s criminal administration wiped them from the face of the earth.

So, what we have here is Biden and his criminal cronies just targeting any group of people in Afghanistan so that he can hurry up and look like a tough guy avenging the deaths of 13 U.S. service members.

But all he did was kill a bunch of innocent kids.

Biden is a war criminal.

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