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Biden's Latest Approval Polling Makes History

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The last 18 months have been a brutal one for most Americans, as inflation continues to wallop our wallets, and a vast indifference appears to be the White House’s only real play.

Joe Biden is floundering as President, catching criticism from both sides of the aisle.  His agenda is failing, his policies aren’t popular enough to take shape, (even with a majority in both houses of Congress), and his response to the crises that our nation faces has been subpar at best.

The American people are simply unsatisfied, and the President’s approval rating proves it.

President Joe Biden’s approval rating dropped into the 20s for the first time in his presidency, a Saturday Civiqs poll revealed.

Just 29 percent of voters approve of Biden, while 58 percent disapprove. Only 19 percent of independents approve of Biden. Sixty-seven percent disapprove. Among Hispanics, just 36 percent approve. Forty-eight percent disapprove.

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Only 63 percent of Democrats approve of Biden, down from 88 percent since last July. Biden’s approval has dropped five points since June 20. Just 36 percent of Democrats want Biden on the 2024 ticket.

The Commander in Chief is in rare air.

Biden’s approval rating is historically low. According to Gallup, five presidents have sunk into the 20s. Those presidents include Harry Truman (22 percent), Richard Nixon (24 percent), Jimmy Carter (28 percent), George H.W. Bush (29 percent), George W. Bush (25 percent).

Despite this trend, Biden continues to insist that he’ll be running for the presidency once again in 2024 – a claim that has received serious push back from Democrats in recent weeks.

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