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Biden's Pick for Civil Rights Division Repeatedly Posted Fake News About Breonna Taylor

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If you listened to the mainstream media on the Breonna Taylor issue, you were likely misinformed. They make it sound like a bunch of white cops just busted into her apartment and shot her point blank, while she was asleep.

Not true.

Joe Biden’s pick for a top post within the DOJ knew she was lying when she kept posting to Twitter, but since she has the MSM on her side she faced no pushback.

From The Daily Wire:

President Joe Biden’s nominee to head the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice has repeatedly posted misinformation online about the death of Breonna Taylor, a 26-year-old black woman fatally shot by police in her Kentucky home last March.

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Kristen Clarke is among several blue-check marks on Twitter that amplified the false claim that Ms. Taylor was lying in her bed when she was slain by police during the deadly raid. On at least one occasion, Clarke helped distort the narrative even further, erroneously stating that Taylor had been asleep in her bed when she was killed.


The facts of the case, however, indicate that Taylor was fatally shot in the hallway of her apartment after her boyfriend had shot a police officer who had busted through the door while executing a warrant.


If a Trump nominee was in a similar position, he or she would be forced to bow out.

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