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Biden's Speech Tied to New Threats and Calls for Violence

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The spectacle that the nation witnessed on Thursday night is something that we will not soon be rid of.  The stench of the President’s divisiveness will continue to waft around our already annoyed and tired and struggling nation, permeating every interaction in our daily lives.

It is going to take a serious amount of time for the country to perform a moral rebound, and that’s only if we can prevent Biden’s words from becoming action.  For each affront to liberty and decency that arises from this dangerous drivel will set us back ever further toward the brink.

And the scary part is, the speech appears to be spawning threats of its own already.

President Biden’s fiery speech in Philadelphia denouncing former President Donald Trump and what he described as “extreme MAGA ideology” has sparked online calls for violence, including death threats against the president, according to documents obtained by Yahoo News.

But wait…there’s more.

Massive Migrant Caravan Marches Toward US with LGBT Flags Flying as Mexican President Snubs Biden at Summit

Biden’s remarks also prompted immediate concerns from senior counterterrorism officials who said they fear that calling Trump supporters extremists would be viewed as a call to arms and would only inflame an already volatile threat environment.

“I fear he is lighting a fuse that is not going to go well,” one senior Biden counterterrorism official said. “Sadly this is not a united speech but a very divisive one.”

On Friday, this official said their fears appear to have been confirmed by what they described as an uptick in threats of potential violence. A different counterterrorism official said they were concerned that fringe right-wing and extremist groups will use Biden’s speech to recruit and fundraise, potentially increasing the longer-term threat from these groups.

Biden’s speech wasn’t criticized only for its content, but for its aesthetic choices as well, with the President appearing before a deep red backdrop, flanked by military personnel.  For a speech denouncing tyranny, he sure looked tyrannical.

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