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Big Bad China Takes on Taiwain Snack Industry in Retaliation for Pelosi Visit

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To say that China was embarrassed by US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s recent visit to Taiwan would be an understatement.  In all reality, the tough-talking leaders in Beijing were wholly emasculated.

China was so furious that Pelosi was even considering visiting Taiwan that they had threatened to shoot her plane out of the sky, among other things.

But, instead, Madame Speaker casually flew right into Taipei’s main airport unmolested, allowing the world to see that China’s bark was way worse than their bite.

Now, in a bit of retaliation that does nothing to repair their formerly-ruthless reputation, China is fighting back by banning Taiwanese snacks.

The People’s Republic of China has halted imports from Taiwanese snack and confection manufacturers ahead of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s planned visit to the island.

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China has suspended imports from Taiwanese companies producing pastries, baked goods and sweets in what appears to be a retaliatory policy meant to put pressure on the island.

“The Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Council of Agriculture are currently aware of [the import ban],” said the Taiwanese Bureau of Foreign Trade on Tuesday, according to the South China Morning Post.

Sure, there will be a net-negative impact on the Taiwanese food industry, but this is a far cry from the absurd threats that China was making in the days and hours ahead of Pelosi’s visit, and it severely diminishes the global tension knowing that China was merely writing checks with their mouths that their military cannot, (or will not), cash.

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