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Big Tech's Helping Hands for Hillary Exposed by Former Apple CEO

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While many on the right aren’t willing to admit it, there was undoubtedly some nefarious meddling going on during the 2016 election.

But it wasn’t the Russians that we’re talking about.  Instead, this interference came from inside the United States itself in the form of massive social media censorship and bias.

The folks at Facebook and Twitter have been outed as overt leftists several times over, and their constant work to erode the First Amendment may have just been the beginning.

Now, two years removed from that fateful contest, one of the tech world’s most prestigious characters is spilling the beans as to just how bad it was.

The Daily Mail reports that in his upcoming book Wise Guy, former Apple marketing chief Guy Kawasaki claims that during the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton refused multiple offers of help from Silicon Valley tech executives. Kawasaki claims that he himself reached out on three separate occasions after noticing that the Clinton campaign was failing to utilize social media, an area in which the Trump campaign excelled.

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In his book, Kawasaki claims that executives at Microsoft and Facebook told him that they wanted to help the Clinton campaign “above and beyond their job responsibilities,” but the Clinton campaign reportedly ignored these offers in an “attitude akin to hubris.” While the Clinton campaign reportedly did not accept help from these companies, they did accept money. Alphabet, Apple, Amazon, Comcast, Facebook, and Microsoft reportedly collectively donated more than $3.5 million to the Clinton campaign according to Open Secrets.

This is precisely the sort of bias that the alternative media has been warning the world about, despite the mainstream media’s overt blackout of such stories.


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