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Bill and Hillary Thoroughly EMBARRASSED After Latest Public Failure

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Here’s the funny thing about the Clinton political dynasty:  The more you learn about it, the less comfortable you are with it.

Beginning in the 1990’s, when Bill Clinton was doing whatever it was that he was doing in the White House, the Clintons have earned a reputation for treachery, deceit, and chicanery on a scale that none of their contemporaries could seem to muster.

This was only compounded by the information revolution of the internet, in which Americans the nation over began to connect some pretty devastating dots for the Clintons, including the wholly abhorrent reality of Hillary Clinton’s “pay to play” schemes run from inside the State Department and benefitting The Clinton Foundation.

So, it really should come as no surprise that We The People aren’t very fond of the egregiously wealthy power couple and their constant need to make American politics all about them.

Still, some where shocked when the Clintons’ latest public appearance schedule wasn’t receiving the attention that was expected.

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Bill and Hillary Clinton’s 13-city speaking tour opened in Toronto to a near-empty arena and a coughing fit.

The Daily Mail reports that this latest money grab from the Clintons managed to attract only 3,300 in a stadium that holds 19,800 — which works out to 83 percent empty. This figure is made even more embarrassing by the fact that as the date of the event neared, the venue was not able to give tickets away at just $6.55 each. Ticket prices started between $200 and $53 Canadian.

On top of that, in the middle of the event, Hillary had one of her famous coughing fits, which was caught on video.

Some sources even noted that tickets for the event plummeted to the tune of about $11 at one point.

Given the not-so-subtle disdain that the nation holds for the conniving Clintons, it will certainly be interesting to see if Hillary give the presidency another shot in 2020.

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