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Bill Barr: 750 Police Officers Were Injured In Floyd Protests, Media Complicit In 'Big Lies'

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There were certainly a handful of peaceful protests around the nation to mourn the death of George Floyd. However, there were many, many violent eruptions around the nation, as well.

The mainstream media doesn’t want the uninformed to know about the latter bit of news, though.

AG Bill Barr wants to set the record straight.

From TDW:

Attorney General William Barr disputed many claims made by the mainstream media about last week’s riots during an interview on Sunday, saying that the media has been telling the American public “big lies” about what is going on at the allegedly peaceful protests, and that there have been “750 officers hurt in the last week.”

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“On Monday, Lafayette Park was cleared of protesters,” CBS News host Margaret Brennan said. “The federal agents who were there report up to you. Did you think it was appropriate for them to use smoke bombs, tear gas, pepper balls, projectiles at what appeared to be peaceful protesters?”

“They were not peaceful protesters,” Barr said. “And that’s one of the big lies that the media seems to be perpetuating at this point.”


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