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Bill Gates Has Curiously-Timed Prediction About COVID Comeback

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Microsoft founder and philanthropist Bill Gates has found himself well-entrenched in the COVID-19 pandemic, largely thanks to his global vaccine work.

Of course, with a great many Americans finding themselves distrustful of the swiftly-produced COVID-19 inoculations that have come to market, Gates’ championing of the jabs has put him at odds with a large swath of the electorate.

Now, his latest prediction about the future of coronavirus will have him pinging the political radar once again.

Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates has warned there is a ‘way above five per cent’ risk the world has not yet seen the worst of the Covid pandemic.

The tech mogul and philanthropist said he did not want to sound ‘doom and gloom’ but warned there was a risk an ‘even more transmissive and even more fatal’ variant could be generated.

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He said the risk of that happening is ‘way above five per cent’ and would mean the world has yet to see the worst of the pandemic.

The timing of his remark was curious, however.

Gates – who releases his new book How to Prevent the Next Pandemic on Tuesday – advised governments across the world to invest in a team of epidemiologists and computer modellers to help identify global health threats in the future.

Gates’ prediction, (and his book), come to us just days after Dr. Anthony Fauci’s declaration that the US had moved out of the “pandemic phase” of the coronavirus crisis.

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