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Bill Maher Brutally Mauls Chris Cuomo Over Dave Chappelle Controversy

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There has been a great deal of controversy of late over standup comedy, and what these entertainers are saying during their act being taken literally by those looking to gather their own notoriety for manufacturing outrage.

Sure, some standup comedy is offensive, but not maliciously or literally. This is all an act.  Those behind the mic are playing characters, and some of those characters are offensive.  This is on purpose.  You, as an intelligence audience member are responsible for knowing this, otherwise you run the risk of outing yourself as some sort of rube who is either oblivious to the very concept of the art form, or as a leech whose only goal in life is to use this ignorance superpower to your own gain.

In either case, you wind up with egg on your face.

And that’s why it’s so foolish for CNN anchors to argue with standup comedians regarding the issue.

“Real Time” host Bill Maher clashed with CNN anchor Chris Cuomo over the controversy surrounding Dave Chappelle’s Netflix stand-up special.

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Critics decried Chappelle as “transphobic” over remarks he made in “The Closer” supporting J.K. Rowling in that gender is based in fact, declaring himself on “team TERF” (trans-exclusionary radical feminist), causing a stir at Netflix among its employees and talent, though the streaming giant stood behind the special amid the uproar.

During an interview on Wednesday, Cuomo kicked off the discussion by claiming Chappelle has a “long history of going after trans people,” adding “the homophobia is not much of a push against him as what he says against trans people.”

This is where Maher pushed back.  Hard.

“Well, you say ‘going after.’ You use terms like ‘homophobia,'” Maher said. “I was speaking recently about ‘phobia.’ There’s a word that has traveled quite a bit from its original meaning. A lot of Mission Creep on that word… Phobia means an irrational fear… He’s not afraid of homosexuals. Or it’s not transphobic.”

“This trans stuff is very new. I don’t think he or myself or any other right-thinking person thinks there aren’t such things in the world as people who are trans, who are born in a body that doesn’t align with what their brain is telling them. That’s OK, but now we’re talking about children!” Maher exclaimed.

The HBO star then shared an anecdote about a female friend who described herself as a “tomboy” growing up and how she’s convinced if she were growing up today, “they would’ve made me into a boy here in California.”

Netflix has repeatedly defended the Chappelle special, despite a number of protests both from within and outside the streaming company.

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