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Bill Maher Takes Aim at Wokeism, Declares Liberalism = Freedom

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Bill Maher seems to be a bit lost in the political ether these days.

Once considered a fairly radical liberal against the backdrop of the mainstream media, Maher carved his way through Hollywood with a leftist slant for decades.

Now, however, as the nation falls ever further into the the progressive political bog, Maher is a man without anchor, adrift in the nonsense being laid on us by modern “liberals”…and he’s not terribly happy about it.

Bill Maher said liberalism and woke culture should not be accepted as the same thing during his latest episode of his podcast “Club Random.”

His guest, billionaire Mark Cuban began the conversation by decrying the arrogance of the tech culture in California.

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“I’d rather start a business in Dallas all day, every day. I will not in San Francisco,” Cuban said.

Maher agreed and, sensing the criticism he’d receive from fellow liberals, said of the conversation: “The woke will cast this to some sort of two conservatives. No, we’re not conservatives. We’re not conservative…. You guys don’t get it. Woke and liberal are two different things.”

And that wasn’t all that Maher had to get off his chest.

He continued, “They’re very often the f—ing opposite of each other… Freedom should be a liberal thing.”

Showcasing a growing weariness even among liberals for woke culture, Maher added, “All my friends, at least the ones like on the coasts who are like our age… they all b—h endlessly about their f—ing woke kids.”

He added, “Again, these are liberal people. These are not people who are voting for Trump.”

This is far from the first time that Maher has railed against the “woke” crowd, but with each passing protestation his position within the left’s cultural hierarchy seems to find itself diminished.

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