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Bills Player Gives Game Ball to Medical Staffer Who Save Damar Hamlin's Life

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As the Buffalo Bills took to the field on Sunday for their first game since the terrifying incident involving Damar Hamlin six days prior, there was a great deal of emotion to be had.

From the pregame tributes to the opening kickoff touchdown return, there was some serious magic in the air on Sunday.

One particular tribute wasn’t quite as obvious, however, but it was incredibly touching nonetheless. 

Buffalo Bills assistant athletic trainer Denny Kellington has been credited with saving Damar Hamlin’s life. John Brown gave Kellington a game ball to thank him.

The Bills wide receiver, an unlikely hero after being called up from the team’s practice squad, made a spectacular diving 42-yard touchdown reception to put Buffalo up 28-17 against the New England Patriots. Then he made sure to find Kellington on the sideline.

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Kellington performed CPR and chest compressions on Damar Hamlin for several minutes after Hamlin went under cardiac arrest during the Bills’ game against the Cincinnati Bengals on Monday.

Hamlin’s condition has improved remarkably over the course of the last several days, and the Bills’ safety is headed back to Buffalo from Cincinatti early in the week to continue treatment.



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