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Black Lives Matter Protesters March Through Oakland Chanting 'Death to America' (Video)

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As if walking down a street in the United States chanting “Death to America” wasn’t bad enough, these Black Lives Matter hooligans decided to take things a step further.

They started fires. Smashed cars. Bashed buildings.

You know, all the things to show just how peaceful they truly are.

Rioters among the crowd also set fires and broke into several businesses while vandalizing others, according to police. Video of the protest along with the anti-American chant went viral across Twitter on Sunday.


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But wait! There’s more…

Rioters also lobbed objects at police officers. No officers were injured, and a handful of the rioters were arrested, the Oakland Police Department (OPD ) said on Wednesday.


Here’s just a little something to keep in mind about BLM…

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