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Black Rifle Coffee CEO Claims ‘NYTimes’ Misquoted Him About Attack on Conservatives and Trump Voters

Black Rifle Coffee CEO shocked conservatives when he was seen calling his own customers “a repugnant group of people.”



Black Rifle Coffee has earned a reputation as the MAGA coffee company, but this week an interview with the company’s CEO shocked conservatives when he was seen calling his own customers “a repugnant group of people.”

The shocking revelations appeared in an interview that Black Rifle CEO Evan Hafer gave to the New York Times Magazine.

Journalist Andy Ngo was one of the first to highlight Hafer’s comments as reported.

“You can’t let sections of your customers hijack your brand and say, ‘This is who you are, it’s like, no, no we define that,” Hafer said in the interview.

“It’s such a repugnant group of people. It’s like the worst of American society, and I got to flush the toilet of some of those people that kind of hijacked portions of the brand,” he added.

Hafer also denounced support from Kyle Rittenhouse – who killed two Antifa creeps last year and who was seen wearing a Black Rifle shirt at his release on bail.

“The racism [expletive] really pisses me off,” Hafer, who is Jewish, added. “I hate racist, Proud Boy-ish people. Like, I’ll pay them to leave my customer base. I would gladly chop all of those people out of my [expletive] customer database and pay them to get the [expletive] out.”

Needless to say, many conservatives and Black Rifle customers were not very happy.

But now, Hafer says he was taken out of context and the Times lied about what he said.

Per PJ Media:

“We were purely discussing that,” Hafer says, and he was not conflating those groups with conservatives.

“The New York Times, as we know, the chances of them being objective were fairly slim, but we gave them the opportunity,” he added. He went on to mention veterans issues he hoped to bring attention to. But, unfortunately, the New York Times chose to go with “the salacious headline” about the company instead.

Hafer reiterated that racists and anti-Semites have no place in his company.

“I really need you guys to get the facts straight on this, which is: There’s no chance in hell I’m gonna talk s–t about conservatives to the New York Times. It’s just not gonna happen.”

So, what do you think? Is Hafer a victim of the left-wing liars in the media… or is he backtracking and trying to save his customer base?

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