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Blinken Draws Line in Sand, Sends Putin Grave Warning

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If nothing else, Vladimir Putin is skilled in gamesmanship, and this week has proved that to no end.

The Russia President continues to suggest that there’s no funny business going on between his nation and Ukraine, despite continuing to amass hundreds of thousands of troops on the border of the tiny, resource-rich nation.  He has publicly suggested that the rest of the world is blowing the whole thing out of proportion, (typical Putin stuff, really), while also allowing his Kremlin mouthpieces in the media to warn of nuclear war if anyone tries to stop him.

As the drama continues to rise, US Secretary of State Antoni Blinken is drawing a line in the sand.

Blinken and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov met in Geneva for roughly 90 minutes Friday in the latest attempt at diplomacy, more than a week after diplomatic talks involving the two nations and NATO broke down.

During the meeting — which Lavrov called “constructive and useful” — the US reportedly agreed to provide Russia with a written response to its demands that Ukraine be prevented from joining the Atlantic alliance, which Washington has previously described as a “non-starter.” Further discussions will take place after the US delivers its response, Blinken said.

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The ball would be in the Kremlin’s court, according to Blinken.

“We agreed as well that further diplomatic discussions would be the preferable way forward. But, again, it is really up to Russia to decide which path it will pursue,” he added.

Putin’s belligerence has been increasing ever since the United States pulled its forces out of Afghanistan in a disastrous, embarrassing kerfuffle, with many experts wondering if Joe Biden’s buffoonery in the Middle East gave the Kremlin a bit more breathing room.


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