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Bloomberg News Ex-Reporter’s Wife Claims Bloomberg’s Lawyers Threatened Family Over China Reporting



More and more evidence comes out about Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg every day that proves this man might not be a very good fit for the highest office in the land. There have been numerous racist and sexist comments that have come out about Bloomberg, not to mention his statements about how elderly cancer patients should be denied treatment and left to die so those resources go to younger patients.

Apparently, according to the wife of a former Bloomberg News reporter, Michael Bloomberg threatened to “ruin” her family financially if she ever spoke out about how the publication killed a story that was critical of Chinese leadership in the Communist Party.

Here’s more from Fox News:

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Leta Hong Fincher, whose husband, Michael Forsythe, now writes for the New York Times, wrote that the former New York City mayor threatened to “devastate” her family if she jeopardized his financial ties to China.

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“My story shows the lengths that the Bloomberg machine will go to in order to avoid offending Beijing,” Fincher began an editorial for The Intercept.

Fincher first explained that her husband wrote a Bloomberg News article connecting the dots between Chinese President Xi Jinping’s family’s vast and sudden accumulation of wealth and him assuming office.

Immediately, her husband began to receive death threats by a woman who told him she represented a relative of Xi. The woman specifically conveyed threats to Forsythe’s entire family, consisting of his wife, a 6-year-old and an 8-year-old at the time. Bloomberg News urged the family not to say anything.

Back in October of 2012, Fincher posted a tweet about the death threats she got after the story on Xi went live.

A few hours later, a manager for Bloomberg phoned her husband said, “Get your wife to delete her tweets.” Fincher refused to delete them but spoke no more on the topic on social media, needing the company to move her and her family out of Beijing and into Hong Kong to keep them safe from the threats they were receiving.

A few months later, Fincher’s husband was working on a similar story for the Bloomberg publication about the financial ties that exist between one of China’s wealthiest men, Wang Jianlin, and the families of senior Communist Party Officials. The publication killed the story and fired Forsythe, fearing the story would lead to the company being kicked out of China if the story was published.

Of course, the company later denied they censored the story out of fear of offending the Chinese government.

“Nobody thinks that we’re wusses and not willing to stand up and write stories that are of interest to the public and that are factually correct,” Bloomberg said of the incident at a press conference held back in 2013.

Even after firing Forsythe, Bloomberg lawyers in Hong Kong tried to force Forsythe and Fincher to sign NDAs, threatening “to devastate my family financially by forcing us to repay the company for our relocation fees to Hong Kong from Beijing and the advance on my husband’s salary that we took out, leave us with no health insurance or income, and take me to court if I did not sign a nondisclosure agreement — even though I had never been a Bloomberg employee.”

Fincher claimed Bloomberg’s attorney was going to demand they pay thousands of dollars to the company, including his legal fees, if she did not sign the agreement. When she hired the same attorneys who represented Edward Snowden to defend her, Bloomberg backed off.

Fincher made it clear that she didn’t come out sooner about the incident because she was “terrified” that the company would make good on the promise of financial ruin.

“I am speaking out now because unlike so many other women, I am not bound by a nondisclosure agreement. Given the large number of women silenced by NDAs, it’s clear that there has been an environment of sexism at Bloomberg’s company. Bloomberg managers and lawyers treated me as though I were a piece of company property, an appendage of my husband, using intimidation and threats to try to bully me into submission,” she said.

Do we really need more reasons why Mike Bloomberg shouldn’t be president? Surely we have enough of them by now, right?


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